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Ripperball Sports

The SkipBiscuit Water Skipping Ball

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      The Best Patented Low-Profile Water Ball That Skips Like a Rock | Safer, Non-Neoprene Water Absorbing Water Skip Ball Design That Doesn’t Hurt!
  • Simply put, the patented design of the all-new SkipBiscuit outperforms all other water balls. No other skip ball on the market more closely resembles the skipping pattern of a rock, making for nearly endless gameplay possibilities and outdoor water fun.
  • RipperBall Sports produces outside toys meant to be played on any water surface. To enjoy the SkipBiscuit, all you need is a minimum of 3" of water and you have the Water Court you need! Play in a pool, a lake, river, or even a parking lot on a portable Water Court (i.e., kiddie pool). Shoot at targets, play catch, play water polo, or even water football. All field sports and court sports can be played with the WaterRipper and SkipBiscuit water toys.
  • It’s like playing catch with a skipping rock but nobody gets hurt! The patented, water-absorbing sponge and suede design of the SkipBiscuit Skip Ball makes for a much lower-impact catch. And unlike a neoprene water ball, it won't hurt if you happen to get hit!
  • For more than 10 years, Ripperball Sports has been designing water balls that skip like a rock & catch like a bag. All of our water toys absorb water and have a low-profile skip that is easy for anyone to catch & throw. And at just 3.0” in diameter and 2” tall, this ball goes anywhere!
  • Everyone loves this easy-to-grip water ball, phenomenal low-profile skip & amazing long-distance flight. Which means the SkipBiscuit skip ball is a winner in any skipping contest; outperforming any water ball on the market in the pool, lake & the surf. It entertains all ages for hours longer than other pool accessories!