Rules for the most popular drinking games



Items Needed:

A deck of cards

1. Sit in a circle at a table.

2. Dealer says “call a suit”.

3. Player calls a suit and dealer flips first card in front of player.

4. If the player’s suit is flipped, the next person is next.  If the player’s suit is not called, the
player drinks for the number of seconds as the card shows.

5. Each player counts in numerical order while the original player

6. As soon as the number is up, the original player calls another
suit.  If the suit card is flipped, the
next person in line calls a suit and the process begins again.  If the suit is not called, the original
player drinks again, and the process begins again.

7. While players are counting, if the count is messed up (counting out
of order or turn), the player that messed up has to now drink the number on the
suit card.  And the process begins again.

8. If the player finishes their drink before the
seconds are up, they slam their drink down and whomever the number lands on,
that person then has to drink the number on the suit card.And the process begins again.

High Low

Items Needed:

A deck of cards

Dealer places one card
on table face side up. Player calls out “high” or “low” trying to guess if the
next card will be higher or lower than the previous card.If player is correct, they call out “high” or
“low” again to guess the next card and so on.If the player is incorrect, they take a drink.Game continues on until deck is finished.


Items Needed:

A deck of cards

Mixed Drink or beer

Kings has a lot of rules, but don’t worry—they’re easy. Basically,
all the cards in a deck are fashioned in a circle around a beer can or cup of
alcohol. People take turns drawing cards and perform the action dictated by
the card. The game ends when there are no more cards left to draw. Here’s
what each card means:


Ace: Waterfall

Everyone starts drinking at the same time as the player to his or her
left, starting with the person who drew the card. No one is allowed to stop
drinking until the person to their left stops.


Two: You

The drawer picks someone to take a drink.


Three: Me

The person who drew the card drinks.


Four: Floor

Everyone has to touch the floor in “not it” or “shot not” fashion.
The last person to touch the floor has to drink.


Five: Guys

All the dudes take a drink.


Six: Chicks

All the ladies take a drink.


Seven: Heaven

Everyone has to point up to the sky (or ceiling, more likely). The
last person to do so drinks.


Eight: Mate

Choose a partner to drink with you. That person now has to drink
every time you drink and vice versa, until one of you chooses a new mate.


Nine: Rhyme

The drawer says a word. The next person to the left has to say a word
that rhymes with that word, and so on around the circle. The person who fails
to rhyme has to drink.


Ten: Categories

Pick any category of things (states, spirits, classic cocktails,
primary colors if you hate the fourth person from you). Everyone then has to
name something within that category. When someone can’t think of anything or
runs out of options, that person drinks.


Jack: Never Have I Ever

Everyone puts up three fingers and plays a mini game of Never Have I
Ever, taking turns naming things they haven’t done, especially acts which
they suspect (or know) others have done. Every time someone has done
something named, he or she puts a finger down. The first person out of fingers
has to drink.


Queen: Question Master

Whoever draws a queen is the question master. During the time as
question master, he or she gets to ask anyone a question at any time. That
person has to respond with another question to avoid drinking. If the person responds
with anything other than a question or fails to respond at all, he or she has
to drink. The next person to draw a queen becomes the new question master.


King: Make a Rule

The king of Kings gets to make up a rule that everyone has to follow.
If anyone dares to disobey the rule, he or she has to drink.


Items Needed:

A deck of cards

Each player picks a stack of cards, and the person to the left of the
dealer begins the game by playing their Aces (faced down). They are at
liberty to lie about the number of Aces they have, meaning if they have 1,
they can put down an Ace and another card if they please (if they have 0
Aces, they have no choice but to lie). Note: Players must verbally call out
what they play each turn (ex: "Two Aces"). If a player calls
bullshit, the cards are flipped over and based on whether or not it was in
fact a lie, either the player that called bs or the bullshitter must drink as
well as take the cards.


Each turn, the next player must play the next lowest card from what
was previously played, meaning if an Ace was just played, the following
player plays their Kings, as so forth. Once Twos are played, the game starts
back at Aces, and continues as usual. There are no rules against someone
waiting to play their turn and working with other players to figure out if
the person that went prior was bullshitting, keep in mind though players can
also lie about what cards they're holding.


The game continues in this circular fashion until someone gets rid of
all their cards first and wins, thus forcing everyone else to finish their

F@k the Dealer

Items Needed:

A deck of cards

Before you start the F@k the Dealer drinking game, the dealer asks
the first player (typically whoever is to their left) to guess the card from
the top of the deck's suit (Hearts / Diamonds / Spades / Clubs). Should they
guess right, the dealer drinks (2) and the next player's turn begins,
otherwise the guesser drinks (2).


If the first guess of the card's suit was incorrect, the same player
must now guess what the value of the next card pulled will be. Should they
guess correctly, their turn ends and the dealer drinks (3), otherwise the
guesser drinks (4).


If the guesser didn't get the value of the card right in their second
guess, they have one last chance to redeem themselves. They must now guess
whether or not the next card off the top of the deck will be higher or lower
than the last card drawn. If they guess correctly, the dealer drinks (4),
otherwise, the incorrect guesser drinks (5) and becomes the dealer!


You can add variable rules such as 2 players in a row must guess
incorrectly all 3 times in order for dealer to change if you want, or you can
remove any one of the three questions that you see fit. If the dealer doesn't
change before all cards in the deck are used, a new dealer begins with the
new deck.

Ride the Bus

Items Needed:

A deck of cards

Ride the Bus is a drinking card game all about guessing. The whole
game is split into four separate rounds, in which players take turns blindly
guessing which category a card belongs to. To get started, sit in a circle,
deal a face-down card to each player and play through the following rounds.
Deal each player a new card at the start of each round:



That portion of the game can work well by itself, but as a final
hoorah, move on to the ‘pyramid’ part of the game. Construct a face-down
pyramid of cards in the center of the table – one card in the top row, two in
the second, three below that, four after, and five in the final tier – and take
turns flipping over each card from the bottom row to the top.


Anytime you have a matching card in your hand to the one that’s just
been flipped, pick a player to take as many drinks as there are cards in the
row. Replace the flipped card with another from the pack, and keep on going.

7, 11, and Doubles

Items Needed:

A pair of dice

The players place a
glass of alcohol in the middle of the table. The first player throws the dice.
If they roll a 7, an 11 or a double, the roller chooses a player to drink. If
the roll is none of those, then the roller passes the dice to the left. Once a
player rolls a 7, 11 or a double, they choose a player to drink. The player
chosen to drink must consume everything in the center glass before the roller
is able to roll another 7, 11 or a double. If they are successful in rolling
before the glass is empty, the glass is refilled and the drinker tries again
until successful. If the roller touches the dice before the drinker touches the
cup, their roles are reversed. At any point, another player ("the
rescuer") may "save" the drinker by taking the glass and
drinking it.

Beer Pong

Items Needed:

20 solo cups

4 pong balls

Beer pong can be played in one vs. one or two vs. two format and can
be played in 6-cup or 10-cup format. Before the first game begins, the team
that gets the first shots is decided by players shooting at each-others cups
simultaneously while maintaining eye contact until a cup is made.


Beer pong is a turn based game, and a turn consists of each player on
a team shooting their ball. Once both balls have been shot, the opposing side
drinks the beer from the cups that were made, and their turn begins. The game
ends when one team makes all of their opponent's cups. If redemption rules
are in play, the other team may each get a shot at making their opponents
remaining cups, in a shoot-until-you-miss fashion (where a 3-cup overtime can
be forced if all cups are made).


Here are some popular optional rules:


Never Have I Ever

Items Needed:

Tree Free Fire Campfile

Never Have I Ever is a great game to know your friends' secrets! You
have to share something that you have never done before and the people who
have will take a sip of their drink. For example, when I say, "Never
have I ever been arrested," all those in the group who have been
arrested will have a drink. The key here is to make your friends admit their
embarrassing stories so watch out for what you say!  Use the Tree Free Fire Campfire kit if playing
outdoors at night!

Flip Cup

Items Needed:

1 solo cup per player

1 table

Flip Cup is a good
starter for a house party. There are two teams competing against each other.
Both teams stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks
at the edge. Everyone must finish their drink and flip the cup with there fingers
to the upside-down position before the next member begins. First team to
complete this wins.


Items Needed:

1 shot glass

1 quarter

Players gather around a table with a shot glass in the center of the
table.  Each player tries to bounce
their quarter off the table into the shot glass.  The one who succeeds in doing this, can
direct anybody to drink. This person also gets to implement the rules as he
wishes them to be. The rules are in place till someone else makes their
quarter in the shot glass.  If the
player misses their shot, they have to drink.


Items Needed:

A deck of cards

In Beeramid, 15 cards
are laid out in a pyramid formation, starting with five cards at the base and
ending with one at the top. Each player is dealt four cards. The dealer starts
the round by flipping the top card of the pyramid. Any player with a card of
the same value in their hand (or any player who pretends to have such a card in
their hand) can tell another player to drink. The drinker continues to gulp for
a period of time determined by the flipped card’s position in the pyramid (a
card from the top requires the least amount of drinking time, while a card from
the bottom row requires the most). If the person assigning the drink has more
than one card matching the flipped card, the length of drinking time is
multiplied by the number of matching cards he or she has in their hand (or
claims to have). The player who is assigned to drink can either start chugging,
or accuse the other player of bluffing. The accused then has to prove
themselves or reveal that they were indeed lying. If they were not lying, the
accuser must drink double the amount assigned, and the accused returns their
revealed card(s) to the deck and re-draws. If the accused person was caught
lying, he or she keeps their cards secret and must drink double the amount
assigned. The game ends when every card in the pyramid has been turned over.

Screw Your Neighbor

Items Needed:

A deck of cards

The object of Screw Your
Neighbor is simple: Don’t end up with the lowest card (king being the highest
and ace being the lowest). At the start of every round, the dealer deals each
player a card. The player to the dealer’s left starts the round by first
looking at their card and then choosing to either pass and keep their card, or
swap their card with the next person in the circle. That person then gets the
opportunity to do the same, and so on. When the game reaches the dealer, he or
she can either swap his or her card with the top card of the deck or pass.
Everyone flips over their cards, and the player with the lowest card drinks.

Give and Take

Items Needed:

A deck of cards

Really get to know your
fellow partiers with this boozy take on Truth or Dare. Lay out two parallel
rows of 12 cards, one row being the “truth” row, and other the “dare” row.
Then, deal each player four cards. Starting with the player to the dealer’s
left, each person takes turns flipping over a card in either the truth row or
the dare row. Anyone who has a card that matches the card that was flipped must
participate in the truth or dare, the details of which are determined by the
person who flipped the card (if no one has a match, nothing happens and the
next person in the lineup draws). If someone fails to complete a dare or
refuses to tell a truth, they have to drink for a duration of time determined
by the flipped card’s position, ranging from one second on at the beginning of
the row, to 12 seconds on the far end. The game ends when every card on both
rows has been flipped.

Drunk Jenga

Items Needed:

Jenga blocks

Each player takes turns pulling out blocks.  Before putting the block back on top, the
player must complete the task/rule that is written on the block.


Ideas for blocks:


Take sips

Give sips

Finish your drink

Person across finishes their drink

Chug seconds

Lobster (Lobsters are known to mate for
life. If you draw the lobster, pick a person to be your “mate” for the rest
of the game. When you drink, they drink, and vice versa.)

Never have I ever (3 fingers)



Pterodactyl (Everyone must go around and say
the word “pterodactyl” without showing any teeth. If someone shows their
teeth, they drink.)

Reverse (The playing order switches

One hand (Can only use one hand until the
end of the game.)

Staring contest

Marco Polo (Player who drew yells “Marco”
and the last person to say “Polo” drinks.)

Truth or Dare (Player chooses truth or dare,
and someone else asks them a question or gives them a dare.)

Take a shot (Might want to only add a couple
per game!)

Old fart (Oldest player drinks.)

Rhyme time (Player says a word, and everyone
has to say a rhyming word. Whoever can’t think of one must drink.)

Talk with an accent

Nose goes (Last one to touch their nose

Sobriety test (Drawer must attempt to walk
in a straight line. If they succeed, they need another drink!)

Broken bone story (Drawer shares a story
about a time they broke a bone. If they’ve never broken one, they drink.)

All blondes (or brunettes or redheads or any
other colored hair) drink

Touch the wall (Last person to touch a wall

Make a rule (Drawer gets to make a rule that
lasts the rest of the game. For example, no saying names. If someone breaks
the rule, they drink.)

Singles drink

Everyone (All players drink.)

Group selfie (Drawer takes the selfie.)

Make a toast (Drawer must make a grandiose

Arm wrestle (Drawer picks someone to arm
wrestle. Loser drinks. Don’t knock over the tower!)

2 Truths and a Lie

Go Again!

Skip (Next player is skipped.)

Commander Commando (Whoever isn’t wearing
underwear drinks. Be honest!)

What Are The Odds

Host Drinks

Strip 1 Item

Left/Right (Person to the left or right of
the drawer drinks.)

Neighbors (Both people on either side of the
drawer drink.)

Venmo $1 Left (Drawer Venmos $1 to the
person on their left.)

Cat people (or dog people) drink

Lefties (All left-handed people drink.)


Items Needed:

The aim is simple: you need to be the first player to get rid of all
your cards. But during each hand, you’ll also have an essential part in the


If you’re the President, you’ll have greater control
over the game, but if you’re the Asshole, you’ll have to do a lot of work and
alwaysThe aim is simple: you need to be the first player to get rid of all
your cards. But during each hand, you’ll also have an essential part in the


If you’re the President, you’ll have greater control over the game,
but if you’re the Asshole, you’ll have to do a lot of work and always take
your turn last. Like most drinking games, the aim is to have fun, so don’t
emphasize winning or losing too much.


Game Roles


Before we talk about the setup and gameplay, it’s crucial to talk
about the game roles in the Asshole Drinking Game. The bios below explain how
each role works and what is involved with playing your part.


President: This is the most powerful position in the game. The
President will always go first, can order other players to drink, and they
can drink whenever they want. Another bonus is that the President should
always get their drink filled by another player.


Vice President: The second most powerful position in the game. The
Vice President can order Citizens or the Asshole to drink and will go second
during a round.


People/ Citizens: Citizens can make each other and the Asshole drink.
They will go after the Vice President and before the Asshole. In games with
more than four players, there can be numerous Citizens in a game. Their turn
after the first round is decided on how they did in the previous one.


The Asshole: This is the lowest ranking role in the game. They have
to deal all the cards, pour all the drinks, and will always go last. Any
other role can also make the Asshole drink at any time as well.


Setting Up


Once everyone is ready and seated, the first thing to do is decide
who is taking up each role for the first round. In the Asshole Drinking Game,
the roles will change each game, so don’t worry; you’ll likely get to
experience different roles as you play.


If you are having trouble deciding, then every player should take a
card from a well-shuffled deck. The person with the highest value card will
then become the President. The President should then decide the rest of the


Once the roles are decided, the Asshole will be responsible for
dealing out the rest of the cards to each player. Remember, once the game
starts, players can demand others drink whenever they want.


Playing Asshole


The President will always go first, followed by the Vice President,
the Citizens, and then finally the Asshole. During your turn, you must place
down a card. Once a card has been played, the next player must play a card
with a higher value.


However, they can’t play the same card that was previously put down.
The player who goes first or who is starting a new hand can drop two
identical cards as well. If this is done, then the next player must drop two
matching cards of a higher value.


Players can pass on their turn as well. However, this will make
playing all your cards more difficult, so it’s recommended to only pass when
you have no other option. Now, if all players pass during a round, a new hand


The person who dropped the last card will start the new hand. A new
hand also begins when any player drops a number two card. The game continues
till all players have got rid of their cards. You can then start a new round
of the Asshole Drinking Game.


But you must use the order from the last round to decide the roles of
the players. The player who finished first will become the new President, the
player who finished second will be the Vice President, while the player who
finished last will be the new Asshole. Everyone else will be a Citizen.


Items Needed:

Cornhole boards

Cornhole bags


33 Feet Hole to Hole 



Cornhole — bag goes through the hole = 3 points

Woody — bag lands on the wooden platform = 1 point

Foul — not a woody or cornhole (bag hits the ground before hitting
the board) = 0 points


Many people use the score cancellation scoring method to keep score.
So if Team A earns 8 points and Team B earns 3 points in a frame, Team A
earns a total of 5 points and you move on to the next frame. Whoever scored
in that frame will be the first person to go in the next frame.


Drinking games:


A drink per cornhole: This is the most basic way to play a drinking
game with cornhole. You play the standard cornhole rules but the only
difference is that the other team takes a drink whenever your team sinks a
cornhole and vice versa. This is for those times when you just want to keep
it simple or slowly work your way up to something much more intensive. It’s a
good starter game.


A drink per point: If you want to ramp it up you can force the person
to take drinks for every point that is scored. So in the prior game, you’d
simply take one drink for every bag the other team sends through the cornhole
but in this game the other team has to take a drink for every point that you


Foul chugs: One way that is fun to play is to force the player or
team to chug their drinks when they hit a certain number of fouls. You can
play this along with the second game to make it that much more of a shit
show. This is especially fun to play when things are already getting kind of
sloppy because this could catch up to you quickly if you’re not very good at
cornhole. It’s also fun because it creates anticipation as you get closer to
those five fouls or wherever you set the limit. When they should chug depends
on where you set the foul limit. Again, this is highly dependent on the skill
level of the players. For an average frame you might set the chug at four or
five fouls (or bags that don’t land on the cornhole board). This could be too
low if the players are very inexperienced so maybe just play a couple of
games first and see how many fouls each player commits.


Foul chugs (reverse): Another fun way to do foul chugs is to set a
level of fouls that will force you to drink if the opposing team stays under
that number. So instead of being forced to chug when you hit X amount of
fouls, you have to chug when your opponent stays under X amount of fouls.
This number will probably be lower, like two or three depending on skill
level. This way is fun because it’s completely out of your control whether
you drink or not but if you’re playing against some sharp shooters be sure to
keep the number low.


Lefty, righty: This is more of a feature you can throw into your
game. You need to have non-ambidextrous players for this to work best. Basically,
during each game, one player can attempt to cornhole when throwing with their
non-dominant hand. If they cornhole on their first try then they can force
someone to drink or chug, depending on how civil you want to keep it. If they
miss it though, a player from the other team gets to try it with his or her
non-dominant hand. And if this person hits the cornhole, both players from
the opposing team have to drink or chug so there’s potential for backfiring.
You can change up who drinks what and how much but you get the gist of it.


I drink, You Drink, We Drink: So this involved getting a custom
cornhole board with designated holes. 
Typically, you’ll see three rows of two or three circles which each
have a label which states: I drink, you drink, we drink.  People tend to make up their own rules for
this game. One common way to play it is that each player gets four bags and
whichever hole the bags land in, that’s what action you have to take or
choose. So if you toss a bag in a “you drink” circle, then the opposing
player must drink. It’s pretty straight forward.  You can change things by making people
drink if they foul and can also assign certain point levels for the different
circles — there’s a lot of room for creativity (and of course drinking).


Items Needed:

Beer pong table

Pong balls

Solo cups

The objective of the game is to hit the last cup with a shot and for
your team's flipper to win the flip at the same time.




To play Pro Beer Pong, you will need 1 official Pro Beer Sports
table, 22 official cups, 2 official balls, 1 pitcher of water, and at least 4
unopened 12 oz beers.

With 20 cups, make two 10 cup pyramids on both short ends of the
table. Each cup pyramid needs to have four cups in the back row that are
touching the edge of the table. Each pyramid must align with the center of
the table as much as possible. Once the cups are in place, pour the pitcher
of water evenly amongst all 20 cups.

Pro Beer Sports tables are naturally broken into 4 quadrants by the
table folds. Place 1 empty cup in the two middle quadrants. Each team must
decide who will be the two shooters and who will be the one flipper. Each
flipper will stand to the left of their shooting teammates. Players must flip
in the middle quadrant closest to your team. Each flipper has one empty cup
on the table in front of them. Before the game and after each round of
flipping, pour about 2 ounces of beer in each empty flip cup.


Who goes first:


First shots are determined by each team’s flipper picking up their
cup, touching it back down against the table, touching both cups together in
a cheering motion, then back down against the table. This is commonly
referred to as “Down, Up, Down”. Once the last “down” in “Down, Up, Down” is
completed, both flippers may begin drinking. The player quickly drinks the
beer in the cup then places the cup upright hanging slightly off the table.
The player must flip the now empty cup until it rests upside-down on the
table. The player who successfully flips their cup first wins first shot for
their team.




The two shooting players on the same team stand behind the table by
one of the cup pyramids. Teams will take turns shooting pong balls at the cup
pyramid on the other side of the table. Each team shoots 2 balls, one by each
teammate. Whenever a ball goes into a cup, that cup is removed from the game
and both team’s flippers immediately pick up their cups, drink their beer,
and begin flipping. Whichever team loses the flip must pick a cup to remove
from the game. Every cup can be removed from losing a flip but the last cup.

Because every shot could be a potential flipping situation, it is the
shooting team’s responsibility to not shoot until beer has been poured into
the flipping cups.


At certain points in the game, the cups may be rearranged again. This
is known as a “rerack”. A re-rack happens when a shooting team rearranges how
their cups are before they shoot at them. Each team can call 2 reracks during
the game. A rerack must be called before any shots and must have 6 cups or
less left to hit. Teams can call any rack that wouldn’t put cups any farther
than the tip cup of the opening pyramid.




The first team to hit the last cup and win the ensuing flip off win
the game.


Special Rules:


A shooter may permanently switch with their team’s flipper when their
team has 5 or less cups. This can only happen once per game per team.


After a shooter hits 2 cups in consecutive throws, they may announce
they are “heating up” to the other team. They must make it known to the other
team so they are aware. If they hit the 3rd consecutive cup after calling
“heating up”, they are now “on fire” and get to shoot until they miss.


Players may bounce the ball off the table instead of shooting. A
bounce shot counts for 2 cups. If a bounce shot is successfully made into a
live cup they must also remove another cup. Players on the other team may
defend against a bounce shot with a swat or by grabbing the ball once it
bounces off the table.


Each player has 1 “Island” shot call that counts for 2 cups if
successful. An “Island” cup is a single cup with no other cups adjacent or
touching it. When a player uses their Island shot, they must clearly announce
and make the other team aware that they are using their call and which cup
they are aiming for. If successful in calling and hitting the Island shot
they must also remove another cup. If successful in calling and hitting the
Island shot with a bounce shot they must also remove 2 more cups. If you hit
any other cup but the called cup during an Island shot, it doesn’t count.


When shooting, both feet must be touching the ground, your body and
clothes can’t move the cups or table in front of you, and your hand can’t
cross the halfway point of the table.


If both teammates successfully hit a cup in the same round, they may
each shoot one additional ball. This can repeat until one teammate misses.


If you knock over your own cups, those count as hit cups and they are
removed from the game.


The cup is not considered successfully flipped unless 100% of the rim
of the cup is in complete contact with the table top unassisted. If the cup
is wobbling, it is not considered settled or successfully flipped. If the rim
of the cup is 100% in contact with the table top but still sliding on the
table, that is considered settled and is successfully flipped. If the cup
meets all the previous requirements but is hanging partially off the table,
that is considered settled and successfully flipped.


Players may not use their hands to assist a cup to land or settle.
Even if it is “close”, if their hands touch the cup to help it settle, it
doesn’t count.


Intentionally knocking away player’s cups or touching other player’s
cups at all is illegal and can result in a loss for that flip or game.


Judgement Rulings:


If any player is seen to be spilling excessive amounts of beer while
flipping in Flong, the refs may count that round as a loss.

Sometimes it is impossible to tell which cup landed first. If a ref
cannot make a decision, then the players with the disputed cups will do a 1v1
flip off (“Down, Up, Down”) to determine the round winner.

Hooks! Ring Toss

Items Needed:

Hooks! Ring Toss

This hook and ring toss game for adults and kids provides hours of
entertainment while helping players improve their hand-eye coordination.
Players of all ages love this addictive ring toss game. Perfect for enlivening
your basement, bars, patio, man cave and more,or take it camping!


Drinking game rules:


Put wooden cup in the center circle, throw rings and
go! Each time you land the hook, move the wooden cup 1 step towards your
opponent. Player wins when the wooden cup moves off the end of the ladder. You
can set up different rules of games to increase the play ability.

Chess Yard Game

Items Needed:

Outdoor Viking Kubb Chess Yard Game

Drinking rules:


Must have a drink in hand = Or take 1
drinkSpill your drink = Take 1 big drinkShooting Team misses all Batons = 3
drinks eachShooter Team hits all Batons = Other Team
3 drinksMissing 1st throw = Take 1 drinkMissing 2nd throw = Take 3 drinksThrowing out of turn = Take 2 drinksLosing Team = 1 big drink and cheers eachKnock over the king pin by mistake = Finish your drink


Items Needed:

Poker set

You must take a sip of your beverage every time you Fold or Lose a
Hand. When a player goes Bust (aka. lose all chips) he or she will have to
drink the loser shot or finish the rest of their beverage of choice. Pretty


Ace of Spades in the Community Cards:

Cheers! Everyone takes a sip.


Winning with a pair of twos (deuce):

The winner can point out any player to take an extra sip.


Split pot:

All players involved must finish their drink.


3 in the Community Cards:

Do a 3-2-1-GO countdown and point to a player. The person who gets
the most fingers pointing at them drinks.  


Winning with a bluff/high card:

Everyone takes a sip (except the winner).


A Queen in the Community Cards:

All women must drink. (Bonus: if no girls are playing just count down
from 3 and point at a player. The guy with the most fingers pointing at him drinks.)


A King in the Community Cards:

All men must drink. (Bonus: if no men are playing just count down
from 3 and point at a player. The girl with the most fingers ponting at her


When a player goes All In:

Drink! All players must take a sip.


Winning with Pocket Aces:

The whole table (including the winner) must finish the rest of their
beverages. Cheers!